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Welcome to Allsån Lodges!

A cozy log cabin right in the heart of Lapland, only a few miles below The Arctic Circle,
where lakes, mountains, wildlife and the northern lights are just a footstep away.
The lodge has its own kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet,
2 bedrooms with comfortable beds, a dining area and a living room with a fireplace.
Outside you have access to a private garden with outdoor furniture and a bbq.
We can provide breakfast, picnic, rental bikes and a rowboat on request.

Log house lapland

Will you see the Northern Lights?

Altough the aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon and no guarantees can be given, it's very likely you will see the northern lights
because Swedish Lapland offers more stable weather than other winter destinations which means we have the best conditions for spotting
the aurora borealis. If you want, we can help you with getting the best settings on your camera for photographing the northern lights.
From October until April is the best time for seeing the northern lights.

Northern light, aurora borealis lapland


Will you see Moose and Reindeer?

Yes you will! There are many reindeer and moose in the forests around Allsån Lodges!
During winter the reindeer and moose come down from the mountains to search for food so you will definitely see them
and get a chance to photograph these wonderful animals in the wild.

Moose, lapland, reindeer

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us!